Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

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Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

Penis Envy magic mushroom is definitively the most potent Psilocybe cubensis strain. Magic mushrooms are strong and hard hitting. Many people believe that penis envy magic mushrooms were first isolated by legendary mycologist and psychonaut Terrence McKenna. This strain grows very slow but the yields are large fruits, and mycologists suggest that its slow growth.

Its effects include vivid visual stimulation, and deep introspection and philosophical thought. Expect deep shamanic experiences, vision quests and an intense mystical experience. Not recommended for first time users. This strain is powerful and expect a trans-formative experience.

Penis Envy Potency

Magic Mushroom Potency Rating Scale

1 – Mildly Potent (Mexican)

2 – Moderately Potent (Golden Teacher, African Transkei, B+, Z-Strain, Brazilian)

3 – Potent (Cambodian, Wollongong)

4 – Very Potent (Penis Envy, Albino Penis Envy, Penis Envy Uncut)

5 – Extremely Potent (Blue Meanie)

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Shroom Smoothies/Juices

Blend magic mushrooms in a blender with your favourite fruits and vegetables to mask the taste of the shrooms. Give your favourite smoothie an extra kick by adding a small dose of penis envy magic mushrooms you buy. The body will absorb the liquid quicker than consumer whole magic mushrooms which will result in a quicker come on effect.

Shroom Teas

Bring water to a boil and add 1 gram of golden teacher magic mushrooms for each 1 cup of water. Continue boiling the penis envy magic mushrooms until they sink to the bottom which can take up to 30 minutes. Drink the tea and eat the shrooms that sink to the bottom will bring you up very fast.

Psilocybin Edibles

Incorporating  it into food will assist with both the taste and the feeling of queasiness that most users suffer
– Avoid adding the mushrooms during any cooking stage
– Baking penis envy magic mushrooms on top of a pizza, for example, would result in an inferior tripping experience. Instead, try adding them to sauces or toppings after the cooking stage.

– Not only is it quick and easy to take, but users claim the acidic nature of the lemon breaks down the psilocybin, intensifying the subsequent trip
– Recommend starting with half the amount of penis envy magic mushrooms you would normally
– Ground magic mushrooms meet lemon juice in a short glass of your choice. Leave it to sit, add water, and down in one go.



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  1. Jay

    Order came in well packaged and wasn’t crushed. Good quality as always. I’m already recommending your site to my IG followers

  2. Rubpoison54

    My fav strain of all time. The potency was maintained during drying process and my friends couldn’t stop thanking me for getting a hold of these beauty. Would be coming for some next weekend. x

  3. Muller

    I am comfortable with your Delivery Time. 5 days to UK.

  4. BobbyZim

    My first order on this website. All I need is an eighth a week on top of having an awesome trip. I don’t feel as depressed as before. Thanks for your good work Trippinplug

  5. Rose

    The visuals and feeling of love was great. I love PE

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